Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Reading Experiences

Nowadays, I read in the short intervals between work, school, and sleep. I read in my school's library, as I wait for after-school tutoring. I read late at night, when I am content with the day's work and crave a little free inquiry. I read when I have finished an assignment in class that others are still working on. I read even though I know I will suffer certain consequences, for example, loss of sleep and less time spent on homework assignments. 

I read because I am curious. I read because I am of the opinion that, in order to live life to the fullest, one must think critically. One must read others' viewpoints. One must gain knowledge in a variety of topics, and learn to see from a myriad of perspectives. I read a combination of religious texts, academic prose, and sublime poetry. Thus, I am a spiritual reader, a professional reader, a hedonistic reader. Of course, I am forced to read for my classes, which I do enjoy, but not nearly to the same extent as I do when I am allowed to choose the text. 

From my reading experience, I derive a sense of purpose and identity, that of a reader and an intellectual. 

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