Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reflections On My Visual Analysis

I feel rather confident about the success of my piece. I have done a thorough job of analyzing the posters; admittedly, I probably could have pared down my paper more than I did. It is a part of my neurosis that I must include every thought that occurs to me. 

Indeed, I deplore that I had to leave out supplementary material. I would have liked to outline America's history of oppression towards minorities. This would have strengthened my argument by further illustrating the mechanisms of control that were reflected in the posters. 

Whenever I reflect on my writing, I am concerned that I am verbose in places, or have wrongly presumed the reader's knowledge in a certain area. This holds true for this paper.

It is possible that I could have enhanced my paper by doing more research on each image (for example, for "I Married a Communist," I could have watched the movie or at least read a synopsis). 

If I had more space, I would have done more to engage myself in academic discourse on the topic. I only briefly touched on an alternate view that is not so much a scholarly interpretation as it is a public prejudice. 

I think what I struggle with most in this and other papers is audience. Before taking this class, I have never had to consider audience. I think I have this difficulty because I am someone who always by default used an advanced vocabulary (that is only because most of the books I read are of that ilk, and I have learned to write mostly through emulation), to the point where it has become an incorrigible habit. I suppose this isn't that significant an issue within the context of academia, but still, I ought to become more flexible as writer. 

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